Lynne Tyler 2015-2016 Quilts

Ola Pola
Ola Pola is a named after a Ukrainian chocolate wafer candy. I gifted it to a friend of mine who was  born in Poland and loves sweets.

Triangle Dance
An experiment with "long" triangles resulted in this couch quilt I gifted to my brother Mark.

Triangle Twirl
Sewing long triangle pairs together with a gentle curve instead of a straight line was the first step toward making this quilt, which I gifted to my brother Paul and his wife Jane.

Flight of Fancy
Some of my best quilts start out because I'm bored and I'm just playing around. Here, I thought I'd make some birds and give them stories. From there I started making birds based on real people. At first I thought this would be just a couch quilt, but now I think I'll submit it to the AQS shows.

Diamond Jubilee
 I made this one for my niece Ellen, who'll be graduating from high school this year.

 The Grand Prismatic, made using the Slashed Squares tutorial I wrote back in 2008.

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