Lynne Tyler 2015-2016 Quilts

Ola Pola
Ola Pola is a named after a Ukrainian chocolate wafer candy. I gifted it to a friend of mine who was  born in Poland and loves sweets.

Triangle Dance
An experiment with "long" triangles resulted in this couch quilt I gifted to my brother Mark.

Triangle Twirl
Sewing long triangle pairs together with a gentle curve instead of a straight line was the first step toward making this quilt, which I gifted to my brother Paul and his wife Jane.

Flight of Fancy
Some of my best quilts start out because I'm bored and I'm just playing around. Here, I thought I'd make some birds and give them stories. From there I started making birds based on real people. At first I thought this would be just a couch quilt, but now I think I'll submit it to the AQS shows.

Diamond Jubilee
 I made this one for my niece Ellen, who'll be graduating from high school this year.

 The Grand Prismatic, made using the Slashed Squares tutorial I wrote back in 2008.

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Bonnie Higley said...

So this is my very first time visiting your site. You are very talented! Your birds are what drew me in and I can't get them out of my head. My grandmother "Nannie" passed away two years ago and she always said "Bye bye black birds" when we left her home. I've been on the search for a "black birds" keepsake ever since her passing and I love your birds. The idea of making my mom and aunt (her daughters), grand children, and great grand children who number a total of around 50 each their own bird that are mostly black birds but also have colors reflecting their personalities is a bit too much to resist. Thank you for the inspiration! I think I will make up a bird square for each that they can frame, make a pillow, purse, etc and then a similar bird quilt with a double of everyone's birds for my mother for Christmas.
Love it all! Thank you!